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Black Walnut

Yesterday, we milled the first sections of the Black Walnut tree we harvested back at the beginning of November. We plan on turning these 2″ thick cuts into solid slab benches. For now, though, we’ll have to dry these. Look for some exciting slab benches in the coming weeks.

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Robot is Fully Operational

Our new Wood-Mizer LT10, which we’ve affectionately named Robot, is assembled and fully operational. We’ll try to have pictures posted later this evening.

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Jason Ledlie, Sawyer

I traveled to Kirbyville, Texas (deep East Texas) yesterday to pick-up our brand new Wood-Mizer LT10 saw mill. We will affectionately refer to it as “Robot.” Let the new projects begin!!!

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Hello Blog

Dear Blog, We’re not neglecting you. It is just that we’ve been so busy lately here at The Ledlie Creative. More to come soon…

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Tung and Groove

I’ve just finished applying a coat of Formby’s Tung Oil – Low Gloss to a solid oak stump table I’m working on .  I was grooving to the Allman Brothers during the process.

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The Beer

I’ve long been a fan of the work of the brewers at New Belgium in Ft. Collons, Colorado. I suppose it is only natural having spent about a year living in Ft. Collins. What a great town! What great beer!!! As part of my enthusiasm for the handcrafted beers brewed there, for many years I [...]

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I was looking earlier at the color we’re getting this year from one of our cypress trees. This prompted a reflection on the large cypress trees that grow in the swampy marsh lands along the Gulf Coast where I grew up. Somehow, at the same time, my mind was considering the growing trend in Hollywood [...]

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I’ve just returned from spending some time over at the “Musgrave Mill.” What a machine! Anyways, here is a poor photo of what I returned with. 1. Walnut 2. Oak 3A. Hollowed Oak 3B. Hollowed Oak 4. Pine

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Hollow out there…

Did I hear someone say they want matching (in height) glass top end tables? Check out these neat pieces of hollow oak I’ll be milling soon.

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So… I am a bit disappointed to report that the nice piece of walnut discussed yesterday seems to be a bit too heavy for the ball-bearing casters that we installed. The casters function, but I fear that they might dimple a wood floor and possibly crack a tile floor. I’ll be removing the casters and [...]

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