Today, I was finally able to spend a bit of time working with a nice (and heavy) piece of walnut I’ve been wanting to get to. I haven’t had time to touch it since milling the top and bottom this past Tuesday.

I began today by boring four holes in the bottom. These holes serve to counter sink four ball-bearing casters.

Boring a Hole (Counter Sink)

Once my four holes were in place and of uniform depth, I was able to successfully install the four ball-bearing casters.

Ball-bearing Casters

With the depth of the counter-sinking, this piece floats nicely just off the surface of the floor.

Floated on Casters

Floated on Casters (II)

After the casters were in place, I was able to rotate this piece back to its upright position. From there, a great deal of time was spent sanding and preparing the top surface for the first coat of finish.

Sanded Smooth

1st Coat of Finish

I am excited to get the 2nd and 3rd coats of finish on this piece tomorrow. Truth be told, I wish I could get some Finnish on this piece, too.

For now, I am off to dream of Wood-mizer’s line of sawmills.

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Who ordered the pine?

Here are some new pieces of pine we recently picked-up to work with. They are each approximately 10.5′ long. The largest is 30″ in diameter.

Raw Pine

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New Projects

A few evenings past, I set out in the truck to pick-up an piece of fallen elm that I’d seen on the side of one of McDade’s back country roads. While positioning the main portion of the trunk to where I could load it in the bed of the truck, and neighbor pulled up and offered to help.

Elm End Table

After we’d loaded the trunk, my neighbor asked what I was going to do with it. I told him that I was going to try to make something useful out of it…likely and end table or two. Upon hearing this, my neighbor reported that he had a piece of fallen walnut over at his place. He asked if I’d be interested in it. Of course, I said “of course.”

Walnut End Table

While we’re planning to build a kiln to dry wood in, we don’t have one built yet. These two pieces of wood were already reasonable dry, but we went ahead and dried them the old fashioned way: right by a fire roaring in the fire place.

These pieces will be offered for sale shortly at The Ledlie Creative’s ETSY Store!


- Jason

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